The Lheidli T also had some discussions with the McLeod Lake


First, they have officially started construction of a new gas bar convenience store that will be located at IR2 in Shelley, across from the Band Office, but this First Nation is also breaking ground in that this project is their first commercial venture on the reserve.project has been in the works for years says Lheidli T Chief Dominic Frederick. There had been an Atco trailer on the selected site before, with the plan for a convenience store, but Chief Frederick says it never became operational and Indian Affairs eventually removed the equipment.Now, the plan is for a gas station that will offer regular gas and diesel and a convenience store that will provide tobacco products and convenience items. Community Economic Development Manager Zishan Shah says the business case for the operation has been based on the customers who already come to the Band Office on Whenun Road for their tobacco.The Lheidli T also had some discussions with the McLeod Lake Band which operates a similar successful operation on Highway 97 North.

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