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FINA, at an IOC meeting in Athens, signed off on suits from three companies: European manufacturer Arena, Adidas and Mizuno of Japan. This won’t, apparently, be the final opportunity to receive FINA approval for other companies, as there will be one more chance, on June 30. Huntington Beach’s TYR Sport Inc.

6. Eat healthy. I try to avoid the use of the word “diet”, and often substitute the term “healthy eating” instead. There is no reason to be afraid, however, if you are armed with the knowledge of the basic types of swimsuits and the accessories you can wear and carry with them. Soon, you will be ready for your shopping trip and excited about a warm summer by the pool or on the beach. In this free video clip series, our fashion and style expert will discuss everything you need to know before it’s time to pack the flip flops and head down to the water.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe list of injuries was extensive: a cracked skull and traumatic brain injury, fractured spine, blood clot in her head, two punctured lungs, fractured ribs, internal bleeding, hip and pelvis completely destroyed on the right side, burns from electric wires that fell on her and nerve damage in her legs.A few months ago, she was scrolling through her Facebook feed when she came across photos of a plus sized male model. She thought they were beautiful, and it gave her an idea on how to celebrate the upcoming anniversary.A natural in front of the cameraShe hired local photographer Emilie Olson to take photos of her, in a bikini a way to put the scars she got as a result of the accident on display.Photographer Emilie Olson says Tina Adams was a natural in front of the camera. (Emilie Olson)”It doesn’t matter if you have scars, stretch marks, cellulite, anything.